Sunday, September 20, 2009

A lot can happen in 1.1 seconds

I went to Nashville this weekend to see the Tennessee Titans play the Houston Texans. These shots were taken in what Canon calls continuous capture mode (6.5 frames per second). That term is too long for me, so I call it burst mode.

Tight End Owen Daniels (#81) catches a touchdown pass from QB Matt Schaub. In the first frame Schaub fakes a handoff to #22 and Daniels fakes a block on the #53. These fakes are what allows Daniels to become wide open.

These were taken from the third level in Row FF (think high, think thin air). I envy the guys who have great cameras and get to stroll the sidelines. You can see some of them on the far left.

Images by MOJO and taken with my Canon.


  1. I am proposing we take up a collection to buy Jeff a defense. (Cheap shot)

    I like Jeff -- super bowl Bear. Knows the importance of defense. (obvious)

    Houston getting even for stealing their Oilers. (payback)

    P.S. How 'bout dem Bears! (Kismet)

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  3. @Pedro: Dude, take it somewhere else.

    @KenP: I like Jeff as a coach. He might have the longest tenure of any NFL coach who is active. Having said that, they gave that game away. Boo.

  4. We watched the game, of course. Hubby is a big TN fan (even bigger Vols fan) I was looking for you in the crowd..didn't see ya :(

    Interesting photos! I haven't tried continuous shooting, yet. I will the next time I'm shooting my golfers in the family. Might be neat to have a swing collage. Glad the rain held off until after the game.

  5. I think you need a longer lens. What is the maximum you have? If it's 200mm, then you need better seats.

  6. Well, my friend, you did a fine job up there in the "thin" air...I've got Nikons but haven't tried the "burst" mode...

    Now, here's what you gotta do...get a really long lens, make up a name tag with the name of your local paper, and just go walking onto the field...

    If you get arrested, though, I've never heard of you! ;-))

  7. @Jusdealem: You didn't see me because the camera didn't pan high enough, lol.

    @Wolynski: It's 200, and, yes, I need better seats. My wallet doesn't agree, though, lol. I didn't measure, but I believe I was 4.2 miles from the field, and almost straight up - yikes!

    I'm going to one more game. In October I'm going to St. Louis (SL Rams vs. Indy). I held my breath, refused to look at the price, and got a pretty good seat. We'll see how the lens does there.

  8. @Jacob:

    Police: Ok, buddy, up against the wall and hands up.
    MOJO: But, but, my friend Jacob said . .
    Police: Who's your accomplice, this guy Jacob?
    MOJO: Um, well, he's from Nebraska, yes that's it, Jukebox, Nebraska. He doesn't have a last name.

  9. Great shots Memphis even though I am not a Titan fan. I love the Seahawks and yes I know they will be very sad this year!! Ha Ha

  10. @ Memphis - LOL! Great stuff! And I've gotta give you a lot of credit for sorta not turning me're thinking there are a lot of "Jacobs," right, and they'd never find the right one, right?

    What's even funnier, I was born in Omaha!

    But I don't understand why you got arrested. Didn't you show them your pass? Oh, you used the pass from Disneyworld!

    Next time get one that says "Press," only don't get it from your local dry cleaner.

  11. Mojo, you really get around. I love the photos! Keep'em coming.

  12. Nose bleed heaven. Good shot(s). Good trip.

  13. I should have thought of you -- I had 4 tix to the game that I ended up donating to the Boys and Girls Club...

    They'll have to hire you for in-game film!