Thursday, September 17, 2009

MOJO outs the tweak

A popular poker blogger participated in a year of losing business, then suddenly turned things around. She calls it "The Tweak," but has been secretive about it, thus frustrating the blogging community.

MOJO hired five private detectives, and has gotten to the bottom of this. We, here in the blogosphere, don't have to put up with any secrets, do we?

So, here's the scoop on The Tweak:

1. Fold A-A preflop. It's a known fact that they will get cracked from between 60.1 and 82.5% of the time, depending on how you play them and the phase of the moon. You don't have to put up with stuff like that, just fold. Stay out of trouble. I mean, even Stu Unger said they only win a small pot or lose a big one. Listen to the man.

There are some variations that you can use to make folding them even better -- a tweak to the tweak, as it were. If someone raises to $12 UTG and it folds to you in the BB, go ahead and show before you fold. Besides not losing your whole stack with the dumb things, you confuse the opponents - excellent! Eventually, you'll you see a glazed look in his eye, and he'll be drooling on the table. Then you know you pwn him.

2. If you are dealt 4-2 (whether suited or not), just move all in. Works like a charm. The other guy has A-A and is licking his chops (he didn't read part 1 above). The flop comes with A-3-5. Now, aren't you glad you got all your chips out there? He has only top set and is drawing thin - a poker player's dream!

Besides seeing you fold A-A, the villain has seen you move all in with the mighty 4-2 Is he confused? Yes, I think so, don't you? You'll love stacking his chip$; the steam coming out of his ears is the lagniappe. Soon, you'll learn the power of lagniappe, as Jusdealem already has. It's a cool word, so make it part of your repertoire. If you can't beat them at poker, baffle them with your vocabulary. Whatever.

There you have it. Don't applaud, just throw money -- I take Pay Pal. I'll need the extra ca$h to defend the law suit she'll bring after reading this. No, wait. She won't read it -- my blog isn't cool enough for her. Suh-weet!

So, it's just that simple. When poker is broken down, there's no mystery to it, but rather just common sense and proper execution. It's all about the basics, and, of course, a tweak here and there.

You can walk the walk, if you tweak the tweak, or, um, well, something like that. I'm MOJO, and I'm just sayin'.


  1. If Doyle Brunson can share exactly how he plays poker, why would lesser mortals not wish to do the same? (Unless he's holding something back... I hope not).
    My own poker has been devoid of inventiveness lately, so I'm always up for words of poker wisdom.

  2. MOJO in the third person; I like it. OK, I will do everything your detectives said, and split any winnings with you.

  3. sounds pretty spot on to me. Nice detective work, there!


  4. @Wolynski: Mix up your game. Fold those aces. Don't forget to show if you can.

    @Crash: I'm looking for big winnings from you. MOJO is, too.

    @Joxum: It took five of the detectives to find out everything. She was playing it close to the chest, so to speak.

    One blogger claimed she was playing topless, but they found out this wasn't true. Close to the vest, topless, there's a bad joke in there somewhere.

  5. One thing for sure...

    No need to worry about class action!

  6. @KenP: You mean you were able to guess who I was spoofing? I'm shocked.

  7. LOL!

    Good thing I'm too poor to sue...

  8. Mojo, I've been in court ALL DAY with my son...I really needed that laugh! Your timing was perfect. Haha :)

    I was catching up on my poker blog reading yesterday and wondered what her secret tweak we all know! I may have to slip over to Tunica and tweak it up this weekend...powerful info!

  9. Oh yea...since you linked me, guess I have to post something now. Thanks a lot! LOL Actually, I was planning to anyway :)

  10. @Cardgrrl: to make it worth suing someone, they have to have some coin to sue for! LOL with me for that.

    @Jusdealem: Hope things are working out regarding your son. Hope to see you back at the tables when that clears up. I won't be at the poker tables. Saturday afternoon, I'm heading for Nashville to mess around Sat. night, then see the NFL football game on Sunday (Tenn Titans vs. Houston Texans).

  11. So funny even if I have no freaking clue what you're talking about.

    I think, however, jusdealem is pretty sneaky and reads your blog on the sly...

    So, watch out! ;-)

    Oops! I see she's already been here and she's LAUGHING!


  12. I still think topless was her tweak. I recommend that all the blogger women play topless just to check -- with webcams enabled, of course!

  13. @Jacob: Thanks

    @lightning: Good idea! Works for me.