Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Frisbee revisited

Update:When Jusdealem and I saw Marley chase the frisbee, the owner told us that he had been on local TV and there was a video of him on YouTube. In the video, one of the stunts he does is get a beer from the fridge, lol. Jusdealem found it here:


Here's a closer shot of Marley, the wonderdog, jumping to catch the frisbee, along with two shots that followed that show you his landing:

Images by MOJO - taken with my Canon.


  1. We have our guest dog again for a few days. A giant, athletic youngster. Gotta get him a frisbee

  2. Even better shots! I wish my dogs would do that. They will catch, but they won't bring it back..they just sit there chewing on it. Dumb dogs LOL

  3. @Crash: This dog was great - very trainable obviously.

    @jusdealem: dogs can be like cats and just do what they want, lol.