Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm the 3rd best poker, um, player

The PokerSlut Tournament, on Sunday nights, is a nice little gathering of mostly bloggers (I think), so I don't know why I don't play more often. I saw a post in my Google blog reader from Gadzooks that reminded me about it.

Tonight we played seven-card stud, high-low limit. I used to play this at small-stakes sit and goes, just to kill time, so I was still pretty hopeless I had a small clue.

First was Scabs304 and second was Zerbet (sorry, I don't have links).

Before you think I'm turning my blog into a brag sheet, check out the money. I won $16, cost $6 to enter, $10 profit -- the drinks are on me!

But with bloggers, money, shmoney -- it's all about bragging rights the game.


  1. S'OK to brag. You're among freinds.

  2. You should have a trophy or something to put up on your mantle...I mean, beating bloggers should be recognized for the feat it is! Right?


  3. Any profit is a good one in my books. Well done

  4. Congrats on the cash!

    I really need to start playing more stud-8 :-)

  5. @Crash: Actually, most of my friends are fiends, lol.

    Thanks to all who commented.

  6. Blogger money is some of the sweetest money there is.