Sunday, October 4, 2009

A picture is worth, well, a lot

Let's try a different kind of post. Here are some screen shots from one of my two Sunday online poker tournaments:

Below: He put me all in with 8-8 -- I had aces.
Lesson: When you raise and the other guy re-raises you, your pocket pair just might not be good.

Below: I raised pre-flop, and bet into him on the flop, on the turn, and on the river. Then, the other guy moved all in.
Lesson: Top pair, top kicker isn't the nuts. (I thought we all learned this one a long time ago.)

Below: The K-Q limped, then called my all in. He was lucky that it was a race.
Lesson: When somebody goes all in, they might have something better than K-Q off-suit -- wait for a better spot.

Below: I was in the SB and got a cheap flop. We both checked the flop. I made a pot-sized bet on the turn (OESD), and he called. When I missed the river, I decided to represent the flush and moved in. He folded like the cheap suit I knew he was.
Lesson: Be careful who you float. Some players will put their chips out there.

Final result: (No screen shot) My pocket pair was trapped by a set, and I busted out fifth.
Lesson: Build a bigger stack to withstand "stuff" happening.


  1. Very nice, well done! I so love those people who think A/K is unbeatable. ;)

    I am *this* close to wanting to play again...

  2. I fold AK so often after a missed flop and yet see folks shove all in after they miss a flop with it. I will keep folding.

  3. Great reminders of great advice!