Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Parks are for kites

Some more images from my photo walk with jusdealem last Sunday:

I asked this lady if I could take her photo. She said "Yes," then put on a show:

Images by MOJO and taken at Tom Lee Park with my Canon.


  1. The kite pic with the out of focus (focal length not photog) houses got me thinking antebellum. Quick look at the full size indicated recent and architect inspired urban renewal. Google showed the Lorraine/Museum just a few blocks back. So, the urban renewal seems to bare out. There's a park just down river that is wooded and hilly that looked interesting. Tom Lee looks like a field more than a park and from the events held there that seems the intent.

    Anyway, you inspired a bit of electronic touristing about town. Google was interesting. My little burg has every street viewable. (It was garbage day when they showed up on mine -- a Monday and early AM.) However, Memphis only gave access to the main drags. So, I couldn't really tour the area. Lorraine and exclusive houses in your shot were verboten.

  2. @KenP: Those houses on the bluffs are *very* expensive. They have a river view, and a high price tag. I love the river and would give anything to live there.

    One day (more than one year ago), I walked around Memphis and took photos. I shot some at the Lorraine Motel and you can see them here.

    My blog was new then, and you may notice only one person left a comment.

    Tom Lee Park is flat with few trees. The river, the Memphis skyline, the setting are what make it special.

  3. These are wonderful photos. She's quite a subject...

    I was looking at the background and find those homes on the hill just gorgeous! I can imagine they are quite pricey.

    All you need do is win a few more poker games and then you can buy one!

  4. Your weather there is sure a lot nice than what we have been having here in Cleveland. ENJOY!!!

  5. Really nice shots, love the one of the river in the background and the kite by itself, too.

    I have lens envy! ;)

  6. "Parks are for kites"

    Absolutely! That's coming from an habitual park flier. Trouble is, they are also for dogs, kids etc so timing is of the essence...

    Gull-winged Delta the lady was flying reminds me of one of my Skewer designs in which the glue gave way a little, resulting in those bent leading edges! For anyone inspired to park-fly a home-made Delta, here's how to build a delta kite with video and photo.