Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poker pearl #30

Above is a scan of the front cover of Card Player magazine dated October 7, 2009.

Card Player magazine reports some changes to the 2010 WSOP.

1. There will be more $1000 events. The ones for 2009 were a success (one had more than 6000 runners), and they think around six more will be added.

2. In 2009, 10 events sold out. Tournament officials say they are looking for more space to alleviate that problem.

3. They are looking for solutions to the Day 1D problem. Remember, the fourth day of Day 1 to the Main Event sold out. Officials don't want that to happen again.

4. Officials claim they will release the tournament schedule earlier this year. Last year, it was announced in January. This year, they hope to see the schedule announced this fall.

The report also said that triple-the-buy-in starting stacks were well received and won't change.


  1. great narrative and I learn a lot when I visit your site. I am glad you are enjoying the photos on my site. I am continuing with condors, red sand dunes, and more from the Page, Arizona area. It is quite a unique area.

  2. Do you plan to go again? I would love to, but it isn't likely.

  3. I don't think item 3 and 4 are actually solvable.

    If people can't figure out how to read a tournament schedule in January and sign up in advance, posting it months earlier certainly will not help.

    Nice cover, though!


  4. @Julie: Thanks.

    @jusdealem: Haven't decided, but I enjoyed going last time, just for the experience and the other things I did.

    @joxum: I agree