Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poker players ante up for charity

The October issue of All In (scanned and shown above) has an article called "The Beat Goes On."

Poker Pro Phil Gordon (and Rafe Furst) launched the Bad Beat on Cancer initiative in 2003. Its purpose is to urge poker players to pledge 1% of their tournament winnings to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

BBoC has taken it one step further. They have announced a grass-roots poker tour with qualifiers taking place in at least 30 bars, restaurants and other venues every week. This builds towards championship tournaments four times a year.

To sweeten the deal, winners will have an opportunity to play a scaled-down version of Face the Ace. Pros who have committed to being "Aces" are Gordon, Furst, Andy Bloch and Michael Craig.


I interviewed Gordon in July of 2008. It was a good write-up, except for one minor detail that ended up being embarrassing. I had a brain fart, and in the article I wrote that his initiative was called Put a Bad Beat on Poker instead of Put a Bad Beat on Cancer -- ouch. Hey, other than that, it wasn't so bad.

You can read what I wrote about Gordon and the head-shot I took, if you go here (if it says not a trusted site, ignore -- it's safe, honest). Try not to laugh at the bad beat on poker gaffe.


  1. Okay, I opened this post, saw the magazine with this prime example of feminine pulchritude, read your comment and saw the title of the article as "The breast goes on."

    Why would that be, do ya suppose?

    Maybe it's 'cause I'm such a boob!

  2. LOL @ Jacob! He's so silly, I think he's more of a nut than a boob. Haha

    "Put a Bad Beat on Poker"..LOL

  3. Wow, I am even more impressed with you now. I'm not worthy!! LOL

  4. Good article. The cover of the other magazine isn't bad either.