Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MOJO hits the 500-post mark

It was July 28 when I posted #400 -- now 500? That's 100 in about four months, or around 25 each month - not bad.

For number 500, guess what? Yeah, some photos I took yesterday. On my way to work each day, I pass a place called Ink Stainz -- it's located on South Third Street. Tuesday I got up a little early.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. I need to get a camera!

    More seriously, congratulations on reaching 500 and keep on posting.

  2. 500?? Wow! Congrats and keep 'em coming.

    That is one cool tattoo place. Like the name, too!

  3. Can wait for the pic of what you got tattoed :-) "_" that is why you got up early right?

  4. Great photos! How could anyone miss this place? I'm amazed you could keep driving by it and not take a picture! ;-)

    500 is a big number. You should be proud. All of your friends are - proud of you!

    Have a great day.

  5. So, a celebratory tattoo for the 500th? Congrats, Mojo!

  6. Thanks to all who commented.

    @diverjoules: I'm doing a fair job of growing old gracefully. Let's try and keep it that way, lol.

    @Lucypher: haha

  7. I need a keyboard shortcut that says:
    "Great Colors, MOJO!"

  8. Doesn't 500 get you in the Hall of Fame? Oops -- that's baseball and home runs (unless you struck out a lot or used steroids).