Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strange but true

In the Oct. 21 issue of Card Player magazine (shown above), I saw this headline:

"Man Wins Ladies Event at Borgata Poker Open"

Huh? The article went on to say:
Most states have banned casinos from applying sex-based discrimination in their poker tournaments, but a polite request not to enter is usually honored by male cardroom patrons.

Abraham Korotki of Las Vegas NV decided to enter anyway. There were objections and dirty looks, but officials couldn't do anything. First prize was $20,982.

Nicole Rowe was second and won $11,889. She has breast cancer, is facing a double mastectomy, and was disappointed with her finish. She plans to donate $500 of her winnings to breast cancer research, and apply the rest to help cover her expenses while recovering from surgery.

"It doesn't matter," Rowe said. "It was 16 hours of being cancer-free, a diversion from my reality."

You can see all the results from this event if you click here.

You can see Rowe's photo here. She's way too young to have cancer, not that any age is a good age.

Just a thought: What about Senior Events? Couldn't a younger person enter and claim age discrimination if they turned him or her away?


  1. Very interesting post. Who knew? About sex discrimination in poker playing?

  2. I saw this on facebook from one of the reporters at the tournament. Many of the women were not happy about him playing this event and really, I don't blame them. As I understand it, he was pretty much a jerk the whole way thru. He was obv trying to prove his superiority to the female players there. He is an egostical ass IMO.

  3. Egotistical ass that is..he made me so angry I can't type! :)

  4. Why would a guy want to enter a ladies tournament?? Well other than the fun of being the only guy there but seriously we want more ladies playing poker so lets encourage the ladies only events.

  5. Dear double M.

    My brudder Riggs provides some of the best coverage of Poker at The Borgota going. PERIOD!

    You can read his awesome recap, (including this idiot) by going here.


    Always a great read, Riggstad is a must for any blogger out there.


  6. Yes, I read that. Apparently this guy was a real a-hole. Funny story.
    I think I'm against ladies' only tournaments. Seniors in tennis - well, you lose agility and physical prowess, so that stands to reason. But in poker? Doyle is as good as he ever was. And the sooner the ladies compete against men all the time, the better.