Friday, October 9, 2009

Swine flu victim improves

Thursday night, bridge player Curtis Cheek watched the baseball World Series. Yes, he was tired, and quit watching at 9 p.m., but things are getting back to normal after he fought the H1N1 virus for more than four weeks.

Curtis is still in a hospital in San Paulo, Brazil, but is no longer hooked up to monitors. His blood pressure is good, and blood sugar is finally within the normal range. He's waiting on word about further kidney dialysis.

The family hopes he can return to the states on Sunday, Oct. 18. They kiddingly say that if he's not released by then, they are planning a jail break.

This from his mother: "We get teary eyed a lot lately, reading emails, talking on phone, just knowing how much love is coming this way."

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  1. Which teams were playing in the baseball World Series?

  2. If the jail break happens, I have a spare room.

  3. It might have been the divisional playoffs, but who's counting?

  4. Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated :)

  5. That's awesome news! I just read all of them leading up to this, how scary. Glad to hear he's recovering!

  6. I do not know Curtis, nor have we ever met, but I am very happy that he is recovering.