Wednesday, November 11, 2009

13 bloggers left in NFL eliminator series

At first there were 43, and it looked so easy. All you had to do was pick an NFL winner each week -- how hard could that be? Well, harder than you might think as there are now only 13. I'm talking about the NFL Eliminator Series that bloggers are playing in.

Two of my favorite bloggers, Lightning 36 and CK of BWoP are still in, as am I.

It only gets harder and harder, however, because you can only pick each team one time. Heck, I'd like to pick Indianapolis each week, too, but that isn't allowed. I did pick some bad teams early. I picked San Francisco, Buffalo (!) and a couple of other pretty bad teams. Why? Well, I have saved some good teams to pick in the coming eight weeks: Pittsburgh, Minnesota, New England, Dallas (at home against Oakland, yum!), Arizona (at home against St. Louis, more yum), Denver (at home against Oakland, super yum) and Cincinnati.

We'll see how it goes, but I want to win *really* bad. Bragging rights among bloggers -- it doesn't get any better than that.

Are/were you in a group? Are you still alive?


  1. Not involved, but I hope you win and get a chance to brag a bit.

  2. My very own and so dear to my heart Packers got me.


    How in the hell, did they lose to the Bucs!!!

  3. F-Train was trying to pick second-tier teams in the early goings so that he still had a lot of stud teams left . . . but he had the Packers last week too.

    Too bad for him!

  4. If picking second-tier teams (against bad teams), I try and take them at home.

  5. Great news MoJo.. I am still in my daughters too. I think there are ten of us left. But we did not start out with 43. I think we had 25ish. GL.