Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Preserve your assets

8 5 4
A 9 6 5
J 9 7
A 10 9
K 9 6 3
K J 10 8 4 3 2 ---
2 A Q 10 8 5 3
Q 7 3 K J 8 6 2
A Q J 10 7 2
Q 7
K 6 4
5 4

South opened 1, West overcalled 2, North competed to 2, and East was stuck for a bid. They played that a double was a good raise to 3, so a responsive double was not available.

This passed out and West led the 2. East won the ace and returned the suit. South did well to duck, West ruffing. The K was returned to the ace, and East ruffed. A second diamond ruff was followed by a second heart ruff. Declarer was booked before gaining the lead, and he still had a club to lose.

Do you see how South could do better?

At trick three, West led the K. If declarer ducks, East can do no better than discard. East will ruff the next heart and give West a second diamond ruff, but the contract will be safe. Declarer can win the next trick, draw the last trump, cross to dummy with the A (or the 8), and discard the club loser on the preserved A.


  1. East went west, and west went north and east decided to go south.
    I watched it all in desperation
    Then I passed right out.

  2. If you duck HK, don't you go down if west now shifts to a club and is 3-6-1-3 holding the SK?

  3. err.. maybe not. (above comment by me)

    4-6-1-2 perhaps?

    This hand is getting complicated :(

  4. @Jacob: haha

    @anonymous: Thanks for the comment.