Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm royalty

My first royal flush in a while. I was killing time in a penny online Omaha-8 game.

I've had a royal live -- it was in a $1/2 NL hold 'em game at Sam's Town Casino in Tunica. I hit it on the river and had two others all in with me. $700 pot and the casino was having a special for royals -- they paid me another $200! Too bad I can't do that more often.


  1. nice. i'm still waiting for my first.

  2. this game is easy...

    I've had 3 straight flushes tonight alone.. but yet somehow with all of my skill, I am still losing tonight... good times.

    Congrats on the nice hands!!

  3. And you split it with someone holding 67, right? :-)

  4. Cool! Of all the hands of poker I've played, both live and on the internets, I've only had one of those. One. I must be due :-P