Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poker champ on Letterman show

Joe Cada, WSOP ME champ, was on David Letterman last night (thanks to O-Poker for the heads up). He looked like he'll be a good representative for poker -- down to earth, modest and all that.

Letterman did get him to admit he lost $100,000 in one day once. I think Cada should have sidestepped that question -- it makes poker sound like a wild gambling game when we should be promoting what a great hobby it is, how there's so much skill to it, etc.

Letterman (teasing): Why don't you get a real job, make some real money?
Cada: You sound like my Mom.

After posting this, I see that Short Stack Shamus did a full review of Cada's appearance. To read it, go here.


  1. Darn! We usually watch Letterman or at least a portion of the show...but this we missed!

    Sounds interesting, though.

  2. I missed it, too. Maybe it will be on youtube or somewhere.