Sunday, December 13, 2009

Joe Cada: poker world champion

In the Dec. 2 issue of Card Player magazine (scanned above), Justin Marchaud, Associate Publisher, says this about Joe Cada:

Cada admits that he got extremely lucky and ran very well at the final table.

Cada says he welcomes the role of poker ambassador. "I hope to help poker grow and represent it well," he said.

Cada also said he'll contribute what he can to fight on behalf of the legal challenges now facing poker.

"Poker is not gambling. There is decision-making, there's logic, there's math and I think that taking away online poker takes away people's rights."

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  1. It does take a little bit of luck - at one point Cada was very short stacked. But the luckiest guy was Darvin Moon - he came in second (and almost won, if his luck had held up) despite a lot of atrocious play - called Phil Ivey's AK all-in with AQ and won. I guess every dog has his day... OK, some dogs have their day.