Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're down to nine

Forty-three poker bloggers started the NFL Eliminator series called "Challenge CK!!!" Pick a football winner each week and survive. Pick a team that loses, and you go home. Sounds simple, but after 13 weeks, there are only nine of us left.

(Click to enlarge if you don't have a life and actually want to see are interested.)

I need Tennessee to beat St. Louis this week. I like my chances, but I've learned not to get too confident. If Cleveland can beat the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, anything can happen.


  1. Like the Red Skins winning. ::))

  2. Goooo Tennessee and goooo Mojo!! :)

  3. I'm impressed that you're still alive in this "contest." Best of luck to you! Only I think it's more than must know your football teams!

  4. Way to go MoJo. That Cleveland win puts me down to two in my Pool. GOOD LUCK Sir.