Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ACBL headquarters to move mid-March

The new ACBL headquarters has a sign!

ACBL is on schedule to move from 2990 Airways Boulevard in Memphis to the new building six or seven miles south in Horn Lake MS. The plans are to move during the middle of March, a time when many of us will be in Reno NV for the Spring North American Bridge championships (called NABC for short).

When I went by the new building today on my way to work, I noticed the new sign. It had an electrical connection, so apparently it will be lit. Click on the image above to enlarge if you're interested.

Notice it says "Promoting the game of bridge since 1937"? I heard some Board of Director members complained about that. Do you spell the word micromanage or micro-manage?


  1. In my opinion, the building and the sign look beautiful. I must be dense as I can't imagine what some of the BOD could possibly be complaining about and I'm curious to know the problem.

    Let me add that when Norman and I went down to Headquarters for the commemoration of the HOF area, somewhere in the late 90s I suppose, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my long bridge involvement. In fact, I was so overwhelmed I wrote a Letter to the Editor which they published, fully endorsing a visit. What a treat to meet and get to know some of the worker bees who earlier were merely voices on the other end of the phone. Roy Green was CEO and we received a royal welcome. It was an experience I never forgot and something I heartily recommend to all devotees of the game. (Also -- we got to see Graceland -- another memorable adventure)!

    Judy Kay-Wolff

  2. I remember your previous post of the building under construction. This sign will be a very nice addition...providing the Board of Directions don't get all lit up about it.

    Your blog has been an eye-opener for me. Being mightily ignorant of some things, I knew nothing about bridge or the fact that it was such a big deal in this country.

    In our condo community down in South Florida, I knew several folks who played bridge every week. I have usually thought of as a game for a few old retired people from New Yawk!

    But nooooooooo ...

  3. Do tell, MemphisMoJo! What gives with the Board?

    Judy Kay-Wolff

  4. What's wrong with 1937? Is that incorrect?

    Is there a difference between bridge and contract bridge?

  5. @JKW: I'm not sure why the Board didn't like the wording.

    @Wolynski: 1937 is correct, so I'm not sure what the objection was. When you say bridge, you mean contract bridge.