Thursday, January 28, 2010

WBCOOP Event #4

I played in the WBCOOP Wednesday night and didn't do anything. I tried it again tonight and went deep, busting out 184th. I could have folded to the "money" (153 places), but it's better to try and get to the final table. The prizes there are worthwhile.

One comment: I couldn't get off work early, so it was 5:10 when I got there. There was only one player, the rest were sitouts and he had already doubled up. Poker Stars should figure out some way so that this doesn't happen -- it ruins the integrity of the game, too much luck if you happen to start at a table like this. Ok, any event with this many runners has an element of luck, but ...

Friday is some kind of a mixture of eight games, most of which I don't know hot to play, so likely will pass.

I busted out with the hand of the devil, as OhCaptain calls A-Q:


  1. Can't remember where I wrote it before, but my little Negreanu book says AQ is not the hand you want to commit to.

    Great tourney play from you in general, MOJO. Am designating you as a hero. Am going to learn tourney because of you.

    You seem so dejected when you don't place high. But you show more high results than anybody else I read. And at bigger stakes.

  2. I like the way you try to "bridge" the gap between dummies like me and poker.

    It ain't workin' too well, but maybe some of what you say will rub off eventually!

    Are you sure you don't want to hear the story as to how the Silver TRAIL got it's name?

    It begins...

    OK, maybe some other time...

  3. i busted shortly after you at 179th. we played at the same table briefly. i play as chodkows on pokerstars. maybe we will meet again on the virtual felt.

  4. @Tycou: I'll look for you then. Does your avatar at PS have dogs?

  5. @Mojo: PS avatar has dog with a ball in his mouth.