Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't rush me

I tried the Rush games on Full Tilt tonight. What was it like? Let's just say you need to strap in when you play. I bought in for only $8 and lost most of it fairly early on this cooler (click to enlarge):

The very next hand I was all in when I flopped a set and turned quads. Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a pot because I began the hand short-stacked:

Then I stacked another guy who turned top two:

I'm guessing the big winners are the FT guys. Lots of rake is generated.


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  2. I tried it, too. Agree, strap in, baby. I bought in for $10 and lost it all, not by a cooler, but by bad play! I got into a rhythm of clicking before thinking. Also, my 'image' style of play is useless in Rush. Fun, though, especially for people who get bored at hold'em.