Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My train trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico, began in the city of El Fuerte in the state of Sinaloa. It started near sea level and rose to 7600 feet. Along the way the train went through 86 tunnels and over 38 bridges. You can see two of the bridges below. I took one and my brother took the other. Which image do you like better?

First photo was taken by my brother and I took the second. Both are right out of the camera.


  1. I'll go with your brother. Sorry...

    His mild telephoto frames the train and makes it the subject.

    Your pic is a snapshot. The wide angle view makes it busy and you lose an obvious subject. That sign structure on the hillside doesn't help.

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  3. I have to say I like the first one better. Good Job for your brother.. :-)

  4. Deliberate differences aside, I'm more interested in the life outlook variance of the two of you demonstrated.

  5. To keep from offending anyone I'll have to say that they are quite different perspectives and I like them both equally - which also happens to be the truth.

    Looks like you are having a great time...all those tunnels and bridges!

  6. A train travels horizontally, therefore the horizontal photo is a better fit.

    But we're splitting hairs - both are good.

  7. Thx to all who commented. Actually, I like John's photo better than mine, too.