Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Something smells fishy

I haven't figured out yet how the robots "think," but my guess is that it's pretty literal. I used that to my advantage a few days ago playing with them on BBO.

You hold: Q 7 Q 3 K Q 10 6 3 A 10 5 3.

With none vulnerable, your left-hand opponent bid 1, partner passed and RHO bid 1. You doubled, LHO bid 2, partner bid 2, RHO passed and you passed. Now, LHO surprised you and bid 6 which was passed out. Your lead.

At the table, the hand I gave you was held by a bot. I was the bot's LHO and the one who "cuebid" 2, then jumped to slam.

The robot led the K and my robot partner made seven.

Here are all four hands (rotated):

A J 10 6 2
A K 9 8 7 6
J 2
Q 7 9 8
J 5 2 Q 3
K Q 10 6 3 J 9 7 2
A 10 5 3 K 9 7 6
K 5 4 3
10 4
A 8 5 4
Q 8 4

Notice we're off the first two club tricks. If I made the fake cuebid against a human, it's unlikely it would work. Bidding 2, then leaping to slam just smells fishy. They need to build a better robot -- one who can smell something that stinks.

You can see the deal if you click here.

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  1. Those darn robots; just can't be trusted!

    Hi MOJO! Hope your New Year is going well so far!

    I just realized our new cable service offers a "poker" channel...maybe I'll start watching it to see if I can learn enough to understand your posts! ;-)