Monday, January 4, 2010

What the heck is CenterCity?

I've heard of CenterCity in Las Vegas, but didn't really know what is was. The latest issue of Card Player magazine (see scan of cover above) does a good job of explaining it.

First of all, it's an $8.5 billion private development. It opened to the public in early December. Vdara is a condominium hotel that is 57-stories high. There are 1493 suites, all with kitchens. You can rent one for from $140 to $2000 a night

Crystals is a 500,000-foot retail, entertainment and dining complex. It has high-end stores such as Louix Vuitton, Tiffany, Cartier, etc.

The Mandarin Oriental is a 392-room hotel that is said to be luxurious. It better be because rooms start at $545 a night.

Aria is the only establishment that is billed as a gaming property. It is 61 stories high and offers more than 4000 rooms. It has a poker room with 20 tables.

The final property will open late this year -- the Harmon. It will feature 400 rooms and 17,500-square feet of event space. Good place to hold a bridge or poker tournament, no?

CityCenter, a joint project of MGM Mirage and Dubai World, has supposed to have hired 12,000 workers.

To see some photos of the Aria of CityCenter, visit Wolynski here or here.


  1. Methinks you ought to try out one of those $2,000 a night rooms. And take one of those nice young ladies along as a "roomie."

    Be sure to let us know how everything came out.

  2. Mojo; the following link is one of those 'you'll enjoy it' things. At least the picture currently displayed.

    It's a still life photo in the manner of middle-age oils.

    The complicated routing in the addy is caused by the site being moved from blogger to another host, then being indexed by blogger and x-ferred to the new site - Blue Tea.

  3. I was just thinking, haven't you been following my blog and then there's the links - thank you.

    I've been there twice and haven't seen the half of it - expect more photos in the coming weeks.

  4. @Jacob: Out of my range, lol.

    @TenMile: Looks like it has to be a photograph!

    @Wolynski: Looking forward to them.

  5. That place is just huge. It will take millions just to tear it down too. What an amazing gamble. It opened the day after I left the winter gathering.