Friday, January 29, 2010

WBCOOP Event #5

I decided to play in the 8-game event at WBCOOP. I'd never heard of 2 to 7 triple redraw, so grabbed Super System 2 and did a quick read. Barely knew how to play some of the other games, so 179th out of 1536 is a moral victory.

Played at a table with the Poker Grump. A maniac donked off a bunch of his chip$ to me. Things like that are so unfair -- why not show some respect for the game, but maybe I'm turning into a grump, too.

The bustout hand wasn't pretty. Battle of the blinds. I raised, he reraised and I reraised him. He had crap but flopped two pair and turned a boat. C'est le vie.


  1. That's a terrible PLO/PLO8 hand, MOJO. Needs to be folded on the flop.

  2. I watched you for a while, but couldn't stay interested in all those odd games.

  3. I like moral victories...but they are better when accompanied by money.

    Reading your account of the action is fascinating. It's like a foreign language...which isn't bad at all (heck, I've been trying to learn French for a couple of years) but is sooo interesting. "Flop a boat"? I've heard of flogging a horse...


    Thanks for the comment on the sunrise. Serendipity, my friend. Stumbled out of bed, looked out the window, ran for camera. Not a bad result.

  4. @TenMile: I guess he made a move, got his hand caught in the cookie jar, then lucked out.

    @Crash: I was playing the hands and had no idea what I was doing with some of the games. On one, I went to get a Diet Coke and they changed games. I lost around $1K on that one.

    @Jacob: lol. Re the sunrise, some of the best photos just happen

  5. Good showing. Would have railed ya, but...

  6. I like your cest la vie attitude but god stuff like that is annoying!

    Why cant the world be a fairer place?