Saturday, January 30, 2010

WBCOOP Event #6

More of the same: Deep run, but nothing to show for it. After two hours, the average stack was $12K, mine was $4K -- not a good position to put yourself into.

Below is the bust-out hand:


  1. didn't do much better myself, but at least I outlasted you :-D


  2. MOJO, you should have joined joxum's comment feed. We had a ball. I wasn't playing, but had fun anyway watching 4 electronic friends.

  3. @Joxum: congrats on a deep run

    @carsh: how do you join it?

  4. Go to flushdance. If joxum does it tomorrow, just before the tourney, there will be a big gray square that says click here. click it. make a comment. when joxum sees you, he oks you and you can keep it up during the tourney. I am unclear if you, to start things off, have to just comment there or thru twitter with the #WBCOOP code. Can't remember exactly how I did it yesterday, but today I never went to twitter at all.