Monday, February 22, 2010

Another big poker tournament coming

Have you heard of Delta Gold? Well, I hadn't either, but that's the name of a tournament that starts at the Gold Strike Feb. 25.

If you click to enlarge the above, you might be surprised, as I was, at the variety of events. There's a pot limit Omaha event, there's pot limit Omaha high-low and there's 2 to 7 triple draw lowball! There's also a stud event and a ladies event.

I love the fact that I live around here and can conveniently lose my buy-in play in these things. Yes, I'll likely play in at least one. They love to collect blogger money. There's a rumor that lightning36 might make an appearance. and he's more than welcome to stay at the MOJO hacienda.

You can read more about it on the 2+2 forum here or Bluff magazine here or Poker Pages here.

Image is a scan of a flyer advertising the Delta Gold Poker Tournament.


  1. I inadvertently tuned into a poker tournament on TV last night. I watched for a little while. The players did not appear happy. Perhaps they were the ones losing.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for your nice comment on Ocala DP!

    Have a great week!

  2. Best if luck to you MoJo. I will be at the WSOP Circuit event in AC.

  3. GL Mojo. Any thoughts of playing one of the O8 tourneys?

  4. Re: Simon - He might be driving; I think he's smart enough. And probably a lot smarter than many drivers on the road these days!

  5. Still thinking about the March 1 tournament. Been seeing too many doctors, though, and have had other things going on. I need to make a decision fast. I'll let you know.

  6. Win one for the old gi...ah, I mean win one for the bloggers!


  7. Thanks to all who left comments.

    @diverjoules: GL in AC.

    @Joxum: I hear ya.

    @lightning: Life gets in the way sometimes, ya?

    @bastin: The Omaha8 is tempting, but I don't have much confidence yet in that game as I'm still trying to learn it.

    The other day, I has this FUBAR playing online. I had 3-3-2-A with one suit -- this is a great starting hand. The flop came with a 3 and some other low cards. The river was a 2. It was obvious the other guy had a straight, but I moved him all in. My "full house" beats his straight, oops, you can only play 2 cards from your hand. The villain keyed "LOL" in the chat box, and I was pretty embarrased.