Monday, February 22, 2010

Poker pearl #38

In the latest issue of Card Player (see image in Sunday's post below), Cole South gave some excellent advice when asked how one can learn to become more comfortable playing an aggressive style:

"Drop down in stakes and push your comfort level. When I was moving up in stakes, there were players in ring games who played significantly looser from late position than I did.

"I decided to drop down a level and force myself to open every button when the action was folded to me..... the experience was invaluable. Increasing my tighter ranges by 10% or 20% after opening every hand felt easy."


  1. Difficult to step down from the 1/2 level in casinos - you can win and lose plenty at this level.

    Sorry to hear about the attendance at poker tourneys - didn't it snow in the south recently?

    So why not play cash games?

  2. @Wolynski: the guy who left the tip was an online player where they offer plenty of levels to play.

    Actually the attendance picked up the next night - they had 67 runners.

  3. I think if you run down to Ocala and ask the horseshoe man, he might give you a horseshoe, but not the one that's already on the horse.

    Yeah, HITS was really fun. I'll probably bore everyone to death, but I'm going to post a few more HITS shots in the coming days.