Monday, February 8, 2010

Poker pearl #36

The latest issue of All In magazine had some good content. I'm lucky I live near the Tunica casinos. I can play live poker. Getting free copies of the different magazines is just the lagniappe a bonus.

All In reported this:
In a sign that Poker Stars may soon be going mobile, the online poker site recently bought Cecure Gaming, one of the world's leading mobile gaming software development companies.

You've gone on a trip and didn't want to lug your laptop along. No problem. You whip out your cell phone and play some poker. You're sitting around at the mall, waiting for your wife or girlfriend to finish shopping. No problem. You grab your phone and jump in a sit and go. How cool is that?

There is already an app to play bridge on the iPhone (or iTouch). It's called iBridgeBaron. You can read a quite excellent review of it if you click here.

Image at the top is a scan of All In magazine. Bridge players who know Ray Raskin (from the Philadelphia area) might be interested to know that Eric Raskin, the Editor-in-Chief of All In magazine, is one of Ray's sons.


  1. Poker on the go! How 'bout that.

  2. I'd love to play online against someone playing in the mall - seems I'd have a great advantage.

    Do people actually talk on the phone anymore?

  3. @Wolynski: I'm waiting for the day you can use your phone to take bread and make toast.