Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why are people afraid to play poker?

This screen shot is from a cheap-o $5 tournament on Ultimate Bet. When blinds were 15/30, he raised to 300 (too much, but not the worst play I've seen), and I re-raised to 700. If I had his hand, I'd call and reevaluate on the flop (being scared of an ace or a king because A-K is such a large part of my range). That's called playing poker. But, no, these guys have only one move: all in!

It's annoying that his bad play was rewarded. I guess we should be glad there's luck involved or the fish would go away.


  1. In the reading I mentioned on small-ball, where the better players can succeed with it, they mentioned that the way a lesser player can even the table is by using the all-in weapon. It drives out the better player. This, however, can work only so many times until the better player gets a monster.

  2. There is a "LittleAcorn" English player. He blogs. GCox25, and Kat carry his link. He is a member of the RaiseTheRiver.Com forum.

    When UB had their difficulties, many players re-upped by using their old names with the '1' added.

  3. Methinks this is one fish who should stay away - far away!

    Unless, of course, you need a small contribution to your retirement fund...

  4. I doubt that's the same guy - he's LittleAcornMan, don't know what he is on UB. And I think he only plays sngs, not mtts (besides the tourney he runs on FT). In a turbo sng, this would probably be an appropriate move, early on you get 2 or 3 really bad players that are just dead money - if you can grab their chips before everyone else, you are guaranteed a cash. But mojo is obv playing a tournament, in which case call/reevaluate is in order... though most people with QQ in a $5 tourney are going to have a tough time getting away from it on that flop with so few chips behind, so I think you were doomed from the start mojo.

  5. I'm late to the party but here's my two cents.

    Horrid pre-flop raise aside this is now an all-in or fold hand for him after your re-raise.

    He simply can never ever flat here after you raise to 700. Not only is he out of position but an Ace or King is going to flop some times in which he just committed like 40% of his stack only to check-fold.

    I do not advocate his pre-flop raise at all. If he makes it 90 and you make it 270 or whatever he can then flat and play accordingly.