Thursday, March 4, 2010

ACBL move on schedule

The ACBL will move its headquarters from Memphis to Horn Lake MS, approximately 10 miles south. The move date is the weekend of March 12 -- 14.

Above is a shot of the reception area that they are calling the Pre-function Area. Pre-function area? Well, excuuuuse me.

Above is another shot of the Pre-function Area with the receptionist's desk straight ahead.

An example of a cubicle is shown (above). The workers are still assembling them, but they tell us everything will be ready by time we expect to move.

Above is a shot of a cubicle that isn't finished.

They call this (above) the break room, but it's used mostly for lunch. The majority of the employees bring theirs.


  1. "Pre-function area"

    Third time this past week "atrium" has been overlooked as an old word.

    I was wondering with other articles why they just couldn't use it.

    Even if moving the atrium to the lobby area.

  2. I like this; looks to be a beautiful and functional building!

  3. So where are all the card tables?

    Other than that, lovely.

  4. Thanks to all who commented.

    @Wolynski: Card tables? Wait until Monday, I have another post scheduled that will show you some card tables.