Sunday, March 28, 2010

The dealer who didn't bark

After the tournament at Sam's Town, I bought into a $1/3 NLHE game for $120. I lost most of my stack when I flopped two pair and lost to a higher two pair. I was left with $17 and two hands later it folded to me on the button. I had Q J and moved all in (If I raise, I'm pot committed anyway). Of course, I should have reloaded, but that's another story.

Both blinds called so there's $51 in the pot. The flop was 8 7 4. (I'm not positive of the low card, but I think this is what it was -- it doesn't affect the story - the rank of the two higher cards is accurate). Both blinds checked.

The turn was the 10 and the fireworks started. I remember thinking the turn was a good card for me. I have a flush draw and an inside straight draw. The SB checked and the BB bet $50 and SB folded. I didn't notice the river card, but the dealer pushed the pot to the BB after he showed 9-6 for the straight.

"Wait a minute," I said in a state of shock.

The dealer tells me to turn over my cards, so I do. She now calls the floor. She tells him she made a mistake and pushed the pot to the SB without considering my hand. The floor says he'll "call upstairs" and get the play reviewed. If the river was a 9 or a club, I win.

Instead of reloading, I decided to get something to eat. When I returned, I asked the dealer if the floor had come back and told her what he found out. She said no.

I then found the floor and asked him what happened. He said the dealer had given him the sign not to have the eye in the sky review it. Now, I never told her that I had changed my mind and didn't want it reviewed. It was only $51, but I just wanted to know what the river card was. He said he'd have them check.

I then went out and got a car wash - the review can take some time. When I returned, the floor told me what he had found out: The river card had not been dealt!

Of course, if the floor had understood that the last card hadn't been dealt, he might have been able to save the deal. The stub (deck she had been dealing from) was still sitting on top of the muck.

So, the dealer had not fully explained her error to the floor. I can only guess she thought she'd get in more trouble if she said she never even dealt the last card or maybe she was just flustered. Then she tried to cover it up, hoping it would go away, by signaling the floor to skip the review, something I never agreed to.

One word: shameful!

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. That's about the worst poker story I have ever heard. They made it up to you in no way?

  2. definitely a WTF moment, right there. Good thing you didn't just leave it alone.

    So what was the ruling?


  3. I cetainly hope they did something for you. that was a really weird way for the dealer to act.

  4. Well, I didn't understand all of that, but it appears some chicanery was definitely going on!

    Re your comment on Ocala DP: She was fast asleep! Or pretending. But nothing seemed to disturb her.

  5. You be a good man to let that one go, my friend.

  6. Reading that story has my blood boiling. I don't care if it's $51 or $510! The dealer totally F'ed up... and knew it too! Own up to your mistake, dealer lady, and move on. You're a better person than I, Mojo; I find this far more than shameful.

  7. Now, that's brutal. I completely agree the best move would have been to reload before playing another hand, though.

  8. That is HORRIBLE. I'm outraged and I wasn't even there. I think you should send a complaint in writing just on principle!

    Nice blog, btw - there are a bunch of poker stories in the archives to read! Makes my day!

  9. That is terrible! At the very least it wasn't for a larger pot...

  10. Outrageous. The dealer really screwed up - that dealer shouldn't even be dealing. You were a lot nicer than I would've been.

  11. He was a lot nicer than you would have been if your Wheatabix got soggy.

  12. Thanks to all who left comments.

  13. What a crock. They did nothing to try and make it right for you? Tells me that if I ever have a dispute in the future to make sure I get it settled soonest before every one disappears and to make sure they put the disputed pot into escrow until it is settled. Tough break.