Saturday, March 27, 2010

Short but sweet -- not!

I played in the tournament at Sam's Town Casino today (see image above). The buyin was $150 and 147 runners signed up.

My tournament boiled down to one hand. I was dealt Q Q when the blinds were 50/100. There were two limpers so I raised to 650. A guy behind me called and so did one of the limpers. The flop was A 9 8. The limper checked, I gritted my teeth and CB 1200, both called -- uh oh. The turn was the Q. The limper checked, I bet 3000 and the guy behind me moved all in. The limper now also moved all in. I had played with both players long enough to know they were loose. What would you do?

I had so much of my stack out there, that I called. Sure one of them might have J-10 and a straight, but, if so, I have outs. More often than not, they have A-K, A-9 or maybe a set of 8s or 9s.

I called and the first all-in guy had A 4 (I couldn't make this stuff up), but the other guy had J-10 for the straight. That's the problem of playing with bad players -- once in a while they have something.

The river was a brick and I was short-stacked. I lasted a little while longer, but busted out when my A-J ran into A-K. That normally wouldn't happen, but beggars can't be choosers.

Seen on a tee shirt:

I will not overplay Ace-King
I will not overplay Ace-King
I will not overplay Ace-King


When you walk in the front door of Sam's Town Casino, the atrium is what greets you (this taken from third floor near the escalator).

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. Tough luck on the trips. That pic of Sams town looks a bit like the Sams Town in Vegas.

  2. The two Sam's Towns are part of the Boyd Gaming organization (I think there might be others, as well).

    Boyd's own a bunch of properties including the Borgata in Atlantic City.