Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

I almost stayed home and watched basketball, but I got the itch to play in a $70 tournament at the Gold Strike Friday night. We started with 10K in chips and 20-minute blind levels.

Early on, I couldn't get much going. I was in the big blind with 9-3 off suit and got to see a free flop. The flop was A-5-3 rainbow. Everyone checked. The turn was a 9 giving me two pair. I bet 1200 and got one caller, an older man. The river was a king. I checked and the old man fired out 3000. It just seemed like he really had it, so I folded. Weak/tight maybe, but I felt the guy had too much credibility.

My stack dribbled down to 3800 and I picked up A A. The blinds were 300/600 and I shoved. Sure, you want action with aces, but I was going to be pot committed anyway. Two players called me! One had 7 7 and the other one never showed. My hand held up and I was back in business.

I was moved to another table, I believe there were around 27 players left. The blinds were 400/800/100 which meant each pot had ~2000 before the flop, something worth fighting for. I picked up K Q, and after one limper, I raised to 3600, hoping to win the pot right there. The big blind was Dina Rylander. If you click on her name, you'll see lots of winnings, but it doesn't include her recent $57,000 win -- she can play. She called, and the limper, who had a lot of chips, called, too.

The flop was A J 5. They checked to me, and I checked behind.

The turn was beautiful: 10 giving me the nuts. Again, they checked to me. What would you do? I went ahead and moved in -- no use getting fancy. If I win this pot, I have a good chip stack and can win the tournament. If you fancy play, someone might hit a flush, or have A-J and make a full house. The river can be a card to give someone else a straight. Just gimme the money.

Dina called me and the other guy folded.

I turned over my hand, and she said, "I'm free rolling," as she turned over K Q -- she also had Broadway with a redraw to the flush. The river was the 3 and I was out.

Maybe Dina didn't get the memo that it was my birthday.

It was too early to go home, so I went to see about a cash game. No Omaha going, and there was a long waiting list for the 1/2 NL games, so I played $4/8 limit, won back my entry fee and left early. Sam's Town Casino is having its monthly biggie tournament today, but it starts at 11 a.m., and you have to get there early because it usually sells out. Maybe things will go better in that one.


  1. Happy birthday, none the less!


  2. Happy birthday! No wonder that Dina is a good player - she rivers the nuts all the time.

  3. Tough break on the flush to your straight. At least you got your entry back later. Good luck today!!

  4. Happy belated birthday.

    Sorry the pokering didn't go as well for you.

  5. Happy B-day, Mojo! Bummer about the tourney, though.

  6. Wow! I didn't know it was your birthday! happy belated and sorry about the flushout!