Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NABCs are for catching up

I had a good time in Reno. I can honestly say I didn't play a wrong card, either at bridge or poker. Yep, you're right, I didn't play a single hand of either.

I did meet Franco, but only to take his photo for the Daily Bulletin. He won the brand-new, prestigious Platinum Pairs. It was a nail-biter. At first, another pair won, then after some score corrections he and Andy Stark won. I didn't introduce myself, just took the photo and moved on.

Bridge blogger Mike Yuen was nice enough to come by the Daily Bulletin office and we visited. He says he hasn't been blogging much because of the Winter Olympics (he lives in Vancouver BC). He went to some of the events (he says he likes the speed skating), and had relatives, who wanted to attend the Olympics, come visit.

The San Francisco Bay area has an in-school bridge teaching program called Center 4 Bridge Education. A person who helped found and drive the program is Lauren Friedman. She was kind enough to drop by the DB office. I enjoyed meeting her and we had a nice chat. Anybody who promotes bridge, particularly among young people, is all right in my book.

I spoke very briefly to bridge blogger Stacy Jacobs. Her team had just finished second by a very close margin in the final-day Machlin Women's Teams. No doubt that was disappointing, and I'm sure she wasn't in a mood to visit -- I kept it brief.

I saw many other friends, most of whom aren't bloggers. That's one of the best things about an NABC -- you get to visit with old friends and catch up.

I took the first image with my Canon. Image above is the Reno NABC logo taken from the ACBL web site.


  1. To think, you left the Biggest Little City in the world, returning to one of the Forbes Worst Cities.

    Good reports, look forward to more.

  2. Wow! I've just read through the last few posts...looks like a great time was had by all!

  3. It was nice to have a chance to chat with you.

  4. Welcome back, Mojo. Glad you had a good time.