Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gauntlet has been cast

How do you respond when you manhood or womanhood has been challenged? Do you shrivel up and slink away, or do you put on your game-face and go for it? (No, this is not about how many cliches I can include in one blog piece, lol.)

Very Josie is a new blogger and she has quite a lively web site. VJ has set up a tournament on Wednesday on Full Tilt. She challenged poker blogger DBCooper and the stakes are high: Whoever goes out first has to write a post titled "How (Very Josie) (DBCooper) kicked my ass."

You know with stakes like that, the gloves will come off (See? Another cliche). Then, this Very Noobie, er, um, I mean Very Josie had the nerve to challenge me as well. The crusher was when she said I could play, but I was a nitty old geezer man and I had to take my nap first! Then she asked "Come on, you're not chicken, are you?" Shameful beyond words.

Well, the challenge is on. You can expect to see me there, nap or no nap. I know there's the Mookie, but that's old stuff. This is new stuff.

Site: Full Tilt Poker
Time: 9 p.m. Eastern Time
Name: Very Josie Poker
Password: pokerbaby
Entry Fee: $10 + 1 ($8 to prize pool, $2 for bounty)
Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
Tournament #: 151614945

This is a deep stack tournament with 3000 chips. To find it, go to Full Tilt Poker, click on classic view, click on tournaments, click on the private tab and then look for the time (I think they have it as 2100 or some retarded thing) or the tournament number (above).

You can read more about it here.

All I can say is this:

Winning money at poker: sweet.
Winning bloggers' money: extra sweet.
Winning Very Josie's money: priceless.

Let the game begin.


  1. Yep She has thrown down the gauntlet thats for sure. Gee if she beats me I might have to go take up tiddlywinks or something. Should be a fun tournament.

  2. I don't know dbcooper, see him here and there. Suspect he is very good. But I'll put my money on "old MO." And I will make max effort to watch.

  3. @DB - I'll kick your ass at tiddly winks too!

    @memphis - thanks for the great post, but I'm STILL gunning for your ass - and you can still play the mookie too - it starts an hour after Very Josie Poker - you should be out by then!


  4. @crash - you should put your money on ME.

  5. MM - If you're playing, I may have to play. I'll see u online!

  6. Yay Poker Meister is playing too! I'm holding you to that!

    I won't even pick on you till after I take Memphis out!

  7. Lucyfer, that horse is out to pasture now! LOLLLL

  8. Oh, the vitality of youth. Glad to read that bloggers are still out challenging each other and playing.

  9. I won't even pick on you till after I take Memphis out!

    @Josie: one word -- whippersnapper!

  10. Couldn't let it lie, could you? Heh, heh! Well, I wish you the very best and hope you'll be crowing about your win right here!