Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sixteen degenerates bloggers (mostly) showed up to play in the Very Josie Poker Tournament on Full Tilt tonight. I recognized several of them. lightning36 always loves to take blogger money. All-around good guy DBCooper was there. Yes, he had a side bet with the irrepressible Very Josie.

Other notables included: NewinNov, cemfredmd, Crash and well-known blogger Rakewell, (The Poker Grump). Rakewell and lightning36 were the pre-game betting favorites. I made it 50-50 that one of the two would win -- strong odds.

MiamiDon (who I believe blogs here,) the Pokermeister and Gary Jacobs also played. They are strong players.

All in all, a nice group, or so I thought!

The very first hand, NewinNov moved all in for 3000. Huh? What the . . .? I looked down to see: K K, and called. You can click on the image above to see how that one came out. One hand and it's over? I may have to try this one again. Surely I can last longer than one hand, can't I? LOL.

And lightning took it down. Very Josie picked him as her "horse," as she called him, when he was a short-stack.

I think there was a deal, so the money isn't exactly as shown. DBCoop was the bubble boy (fourth).


  1. Hell of a way to leave the tournament, MOJO. Not much you could do.

    Yeah -- we chopped at the end so I took a little less than first place money. Josie and some others wanted to get to bed. It could have gone on for quite a bit longer.

  2. You did the right thing with KK. I kept missing on hands, chipped downward, and finally got to the all-in phase. After a couple times of that, I missed and was gone. Happy to finish close to Rakewell.

  3. memphis, thanks for playing - can't do anything else but call with the best hand.

  4. You donkey. I could have had AA there. Was fun. Better luck next time.

  5. @NewinNov: I actually thought your most likely had was A-K. The one hand I didn't think you had was A-A.

  6. I am kind of amazed Don showed up because I have not seen him in a while.

  7. Tough break on the opening hand. It was a great night... Really enjoyed playing with everybody.

  8. One hand?

    Can't commiserate - now why is that player going all in with QQ on the very first hand?

    Survival is the key in a tournament - no need for these big shoves out of the gate.

    But then I don't play tournaments.