Friday, April 2, 2010

A pretty scorecard

Playing with the robots recently, I had all plus scores. (Click to enlarge if you can't see them.) I'm not sure I have had that before.

Here's a problem I faced. I held:
Q 8 7 A Q 9 6 A 10 3 Q 8 2.

I opened 1, the North Robot bid 1 and I raised to 2. North raised to 3 which is a game try in robot-land. Over to you.

If you're a slave to high-card points, you have an easy 4 bid. I didn't like my 3=4=3=3 pattern, so decided to look at my losing trick count. The way I count losers (there are many flavors), I have seven. But I also adjust for aces and queens. In this case I have three queens and only two aces, so I add an extra half loser. That means I have 7.5 losers. A normal opening bid is 7 losers.

What's it all mean? It means I passed. Here are all four hands:

Looking at the North-South hands only, you could have three club losers. You also have a spade problem. Now if you look at all four hands, the 10 is finessable and they can't attack spades. In fact, Deep Finesse says it always makes. Yeah, that's board #11 on the scorecard, the one where I earned 10.4%.

To see all the scores on board #11, go here.

P.S. I played at the club last night and there was a Rueful Rabbit hand. I'll try and write about it this weekend.


  1. Aren't you going to get in trouble someday by turning all these tricks? Just sayin' ...

  2. I thought you were going to tell us you won big time. You'd have to tell me 'cause I wouldn't know otherwise!