Thursday, April 1, 2010

Starbucks gets "bigger"

Think Starbucks is big? Well, it just got bigger -- bigger in size of its largest coffee, that is. They are now offering the Plenta, a 128-ounce cup!

You can read about it here or here. Um, don't forget what today's date is.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream got into the act, too. See here.

Image taken from Starbucks' blog.


  1. Man, I could like both!

    Word verification word: pothsher... Isn't that a word like "Kosher", except this is when something is good to smoke? I'm confused...


  2. And I just got a job at the Spearmint Rhino as a lap dancer - Mondays is mature darlings' night and I'm pretty good on the pole.

  3. Had me going for a minute there. Even asked the youngest who works for Starbucks if it was true.

  4. Oh well...I like my coffee rather weak so Starbucks doesn't appeal to me. I think 28 ounces of Starbucks would keep me awake for a week!