Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mum's the word

After I was knocked out of the poker tournament, I wandered over to the French Quarter. They have mimes that do their thing for tips. Here are two of them:

The guy below just stood there with his front foot up in the air. How can they stand like that for long periods? When I went over and dropped $2 in his tip bucket, he said thank you, but I was watching and his lips didn't move. Maybe he's not a mime, but is called something else?

The image below shows what the mime calls a "Living Statue." I thought she was a female, but it was a he. You can see two tourists checking him out.

When I tried to get a close-up of the statue, some (nitty) old guy jumped in the photo.

First two images by MOJO with my P&S. The young lady in photo No. 2 took the third one.


  1. Nice to see you in one of your own pics.

  2. Nice pics. If you ask me you're looking less and less like a nitty old man. Must be the nice smile.

  3. Ah, in that last photo: which one was the mime, again?

    Heh, heh. Love mimes. Usually. Sometimes they seem haughty. These seem nice.

    I think you ought to frame the last shot.

    What does "nitty" mean?

  4. @Jacob: nitty is a poker term to describe someone who only plays strong hands. That sounds good, but is often used to describe a player in a bad way -- too conservative, for example. I use it as a joke because a lot of older people play that way, and I'm, um, well not young any more, lol.

  5. From another nitty old man those pics are great. We have a couple mimes who frequent our waterfront one is a copper cowgirl who does the statue thing. They are great.

  6. A mime is a terrible thing to waste.