Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's righteous

I played in the Blogger Battle Royale today and had fun, but didn't do any good. First place was a $2000 WSOP package and there were other cash prizes equaling another $2000. Thanks to Al and to Full Tilt.

My stack drifted down as I had crummy cards. Also, I folded to aggression several times. Finally I picked up K K and got it all in against KimLovo on a flop of 6 7 J. The villain showed A 8. I dodged fourth street, but the river was the 3.

Smokee's comment in the chat box said it all: "I knew it was coming." Stuff happens. If you go out with crap, you always think: "What was I doing?" When you go out with K-K, well, that's righteous.


  1. lol - I beat you and I didn't even play! I think I found a new strategy!
    That's a crap way to go out though, sorry about that man.

  2. Some folks might say Sunday is about "righteous." Doesn't mean they're right, though.