Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm among royalty

I read about the step tournament concept on the VeryJosie blog, so decided to give it a try. The first one I played I won another ticket to Step 1. In the replay, I advanced to Step 2, where the above hand was played. So sweet.

Have you ever had a Royal flush? I had one in a NL hold 'em live game (casino). There were two other players who were both all in for a $700 pot.


  1. You seem to play for bigger money than some of us other duffers. Respect you.

  2. Niiicccee!!

    I once had a Royal Flush live. Once.

  3. My first one was online at PokerRoom. They gave $50 for it. I think the table was .25-.50 limit. Not quite as good as you did.

    Years past and then I got two within a week. One at stud and the other in Omaha. (May only get half credit for the Omaha one.) Those were modest wins too.

    The one good/enjoyable/memorable hand I remember was against a guy holding Kings full of Queens and I made quad Kings. I'd just set down so that was 20 BB. Still nothing to write home about. Not sure why that was particularly satisfying but it stands out.

  4. Congrats! Always nice to get the Royals!

    Believe it or not, I have a streak going at Bally's Las Vegas -- a Royal in each of my last two trips to Sin City. The first was a jackpot hand (used both hole cards).

    Can't wait to see if I can keep the streak alive. Probably won't see another Royal for ten years now.

  5. The only royal flush I know about is in London.