Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blackwood invented a convention

Playing bridge online with Xwing last night, we held the North-South hands (deal rotated):

K 5
7 6 4 3
A K Q 3
A Q 6
9 7 6 A J 8 3
A 9 2 8
9 8 2 J 7 6 5
9 8 7 2 J 10 5 4
Q 10 4 2
K Q J 10 5
10 4
K 3

North South
2 2
3 4
5 5

Xwing was South and I was North. Our auction isn't the greatest -- you hate to bid freely to five of a major. Nevertheless, the contract made, and we earned 2.86 IMPs for plus 650.

When I checked the scores later, I was surprised to see that at 15 out of the 67 tables, North-South bid slam on these cards. They bid all kinds of crazy slams online, but seldom off two aces.

I checked the auctions and many North players leapt to slam. Some used Blackwood first, however, and still got to slam -- amazing. One pair bid 7 and were doubled by the hand holding the A -- what a sport.

My favorite contract: At one table, South declared 6NT. West led the 9, East put in the jack and South won the queen. When West won the A at trick two, he shifted to a club. On the run of South's winners, East was caught in a squeeze between spades and diamonds -- making six for a gain of 13.91 IMPs.

You can see all the results if you click here.


  1. The only "imps" I know are about 5-6 years old!

    Love your new header!

  2. You were right about the time...a bunch of dark clouds rolled in and we got some rain as were sitting in a booth at Gators Dockside - a cool restaurant. I saw the reflections and had to take a pic!

  3. Boy, you're just too sharp; can't put anything over on you. Yes, there was a portion of a photographer in that reflection photo!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I stole the word MOJO from Tom Petty's new album and added the black background. Don't tell Tom.