Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poker pearl #49

Above: Scan of the cover of the June 16 issue of Card Player magazine.

Lex Veldhuis discussed a hand he played on the TV show, High Stakes Poker. The blinds were $400/800 with a $1600 straddle. Barry Greenstein opened for $5800 and Phil Ivey raised to $18,000. Veldhuis re-raised to $31,000 with K J (basically as a bluff) and Ivey moved all in.

Veldhuis folded, of course, and was disappointed when he watched it on TV later and saw that Ivey had 5-2!

"Who knows what Phil Ivey sees that we don't see?" asks Adam Schoenfeld. "He might actually have one of those 'Terminator' cameras in his head that sees everything."


  1. He could beat most of us with just his eye intensity.

  2. wow. Ivey trusts his reads alright.

  3. One should only straddle a horse. Or...well, never mind.