Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Handling it just right

Can you take 12 tricks in 6 on this layout?

A K 9 8 6 2
A J 5
K 3 2
J 4 Q 10 7 5
10 9 4 8 6
Q 9 8 6 J 4
A K J 2 Q 10 9 8 4
K Q 7 3 2
A 10 7 5
7 6 3

West leads the 10. How would you play?

You can make the contract, but you have to handle it jus right. You must win the lead in the dummy. You need to set up the spade suit, but they are likely 4-2. If so, you can win four spades (after two ruffs), five hearts and two diamonds -- not enough. At trick two, you lead a club to set up a ruff in dummy for trick 12. East or West can win and lead another trump. Again, you must win in dummy.

You play A and another, ruffing in hand (you could also lead a diamond to the ace, then do this). You ruff your club in dummy, ruff a spade with the Q and draw the last trump. The K is an entry to the good spades.

So, you can always make 6, right? Not so fast. A low diamond opening lead sets the contract. When you lead a club, East can win and lead another diamond to kill dummy's entry.


  1. I could probably play bridge seeing as how it involves dummies.

    And yes, no one is safe from my camera! Watch your back! ;-)

  2. I can find it double dummy, but at the table? I'm not so sure.