Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nobody wanted to win

My boss got tickets to go to the St. Jude Golf Classic today at the TPC Southwind course here in Memphis. The tournament supports St. Jude Hospital, a place where children with catastrophic illnesses can go.

Notice I said ticketS, as in plural. His wife wasn't interested, but MOJO was.

The high was 97F, ouch. I guess that will help me warm up (ahem) for the WSOP in Las Vegas in a few days, lol.

I left before it was over and watched the ending on TV. The guy with a three-shot lead blew up on the 18th hole. The sudden death wasn't high-level golf, either.

(Click to enlarge.)

Photos by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. Been doing good work with the camera, MOJO - like normal.

    Good Luck in LV and I hope you enjoy the visit with the folks.

  2. Same headline could have been used for the football on Saturday.

  3. Nice shots! And lucky you to get to the St. Jude...I watched a lot of it on TV...looked very hot. I think you have to be young to handle that kind of golf.

    Nice that Westwood won, though.

    Do you think you could get some last-minute tickets to the Open at Pebble Beach?

  4. At first I was jealous, but then I remembered the constant toweling-off everyone was doing on TV in three digit heat, and then I didn't feel so bad.

    Regardless, should have been fun.

  5. @TenMile: thanks

    @Paul: I noticed it was 1-1.

    @Jacob: Thanks. I'll work on the Pebble Beach Tickets.

    @Zachary: You are right - it was mucho hot!