Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just play out the cards

The World Wide Bridge Contest was held Friday night and Saturday afternoon around our planet. The boards are pre-dealt and participants get a booklet with all the hand records and an analysis by Canadian Eric Kokish.

I played at the Lightman Bridge Club in Memphis Friday evening. A Platinum Life Master was North and declarer in 4 on Board No. 6:

A K Q 8 5 3
A 8 5
A 10 7 3
9 7 10 6 4
J 6 4 2 A K 8 5 3
Q 10 J 9 7 6 2
J 8 6 5 2 ---
J 2
Q 10 9 7
K 4 3
K Q 9 4

East led the K. North ruffed and drew trumps. Then she played a high club from South, noting that East showed out.

"I can pick up clubs now," she said. "I have to give you a diamond."

What's wrong with this picture?

If you merely play out your cards, East is squeezed in the red suits. He has to save his A, so with three cards left, he can only keep two diamonds. If she is careful, declarer can win trick 13 with her 5 (instead of the 8) for maximum style points.

You can see all the results for this board here.


  1. Huh? I think I'll stick with golf.

  2. How so many pairs failed to bid what is a straightforward slam beggars belief. But to make 13 is a bonus, given the automatic squeeze on East. Yours HBG. PS. Many tx for your supportive comments.

  3. Forget slam, enough missed *game*, or misplayed the club suit, or got to NT making only 5, that +480 was above average.

    Some Easts probably bid Michaels which makes the auction harder.