Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ACBL Headquarters has visitors

Above: Charles Goren did a lot to promote bridge, including a weekly TV show for several years. Above is one of the episodes that is on display at the ACBL Bridge Museum.

I've raved about how nice the new museum is at ACBL Headquarters. I mentioned that if you came by to see it, I would be happy to give you a tour. Guess what? Four bridge players took me up on that!

Last Friday, Chris and Mary Beth Shaw (Carlinville IL) stopped in on their way to New Orleans to the NABC. They are active promoters of Youth bridge. In early July, they conducted a five-day camp for young bridge players.

Then, on Monday Ray and Linda Lee stopped by. They were on their way home to Toronto. The Lees are responsible for the biggest bridge blog of all (I call it an uber-blog) -- Bridge Blogging. Linda blogs here and Ray blogs here.

The Lees are owners of Masterpoint Press, the world's largest publisher of bridge books.

I'm so happy these couples stopped by on their way to and from New Orleans.

Speaking of New Orleans, I'm traveling there tomorrow (Thursday) for four days, not to play, but to work. See ya'll next week.


  1. Have a good working vacation, MOJO.
    Careful swimming in the Gulf, although I understand one does not need to worry about sun protection down there.

  2. Well, hopefully you'll get a few chances to play!

    Tell me about Omar Shariff...wasn't he a big name in bridge?

    I read your comment today on Ocala DP and snickered out loud.

  3. @TM: Thanks.

    @Jacob: Yes, Omar was a big-time player, although not so much any more.