Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MOJO branches out

Bloggers Ken Provo and Very Josie have written that playing in 7-card stud hi/low tournaments is fun. I decided to see for myself (Wednesday night) -- on the cheap, of course. They're right -- it was fun.

What was really fun was the deal shown below. I didn't know if my A-3-4-5-6 low was good, but I was pretty sure my straight flush was good for the high half. Can you say scooper?


  1. I <3 stud-8!

    Glad to see you're catching the bug.

  2. Yeah, but we didn't tell you to be a massive luck box. :)-

    Limit tournaments have grown on me. I accidentally got into a Hold'em one years back and swore never to play another. I got premium hand after premium hand which I pushed and was out before the second level ended. Limit tournaments take some getting used to. LOL