Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bridge history preserved

Here are a few more images from the new ACBL Museum and Hall of Fame. Above is a film loop that shows bridge players from various tournaments. If you come visit us, check it out -- you may see yourself!

Joan Schepps donated more than 600 trump indicators. They used to be used by party bridge players who couldn't remember what trumps were. Players who couldn't remember what trumps were, would also usually forget to set the the indicator! Above is a close up of a few. If you don't know what a trump indicator is, see here.

The ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame is fun. Photos are in both color and black and white. There are interviews of many of the living members that you can watch by touching or swiping the screen with your finger.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my P&S at the Grand Opening June 28.


  1. Alright. Neat place to work, man.

  2. This must be a fun place to spend your days!

  3. A trump indicator is bridge's answer to a card protector? Every game must have its trinket.

  4. @Wolynski: I hadn't thought of that, but you're exactly right.