Friday, July 16, 2010

New form of slow roll

I've been seeing something a lot lately. One player raises all in, the other has the nuts and thinks a long time before calling. Say what?

It happened to me tonight (see image above). I raised before the flop and was called. I hit middle set (J-J-J) on the flop and raised -- villain called. The turn was a nothing card, so I bet again. The villain raised, and if I called, I would have had maybe $200 left, and I was never folding, so I put in the last $200.

Now the shenanigans started. The guy thinks and thinks, goes into his time bank and finally calls with top set (Q-Q-Q).

Must be some pimply-faced high school kid who thinks he's cute. I don't.


  1. I've been seeing it at S8 tables a lot. But it also comes in the typical form of a guy taking a beat and then using all his time repeatedly. Then some guy goes ballistic on him and before long we have two guys playing the waiting game.

    The other one is the hard decision one. OK, once in a while but there are people that are so obvious. Typically, they have a weak to no draw and are hoping those behind will check it around. So they act like they're really considering a bet. Talk about online tells.

    I imagine some idiot writer on Cardplayer or some other place handed out the idea. For a good player it might be a sometimes ploy. But he taught it to people locked in playing one way.

  2. Some people have no class. That is all there is too it. JJ no good on PS last night for me either. Have a great weekend.

  3. Yeah, that's happened to me too. Two words: No Class.

  4. Couple of books out there published some time ago warn about opposites.

    Bridge and other games subscribe to "Think long, think wrong."

    Kinda like me debating posting this comment.

  5. Yes, it happened to me yesterday. Dude took the whole time bank to call with his quad aces. It kind of tilted me.


    This is what should happen to all slowrollers.

  7. Thx to all who commented.

    @Thorn: great cartoon!

  8. it's like people think they are funny when they slowroll.

    I'm trying to become a better person, so I will not wish for them to have AIDS or that their butts may itch and their arms be too short. But I will predict that some day it'll all come back and bite them hard in the nuts.

    Nice redesign, btw. I'm obviously way behind, since I haven't seen it before...